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Q: Do clinical trials ever go wrong?

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Prototype devices

It is recognized that a manufacturer may wish to submit a small number  of "prototype models" of a device to clinical investigation in order to assess safety and/or performance; and those such prototypes may need to undergo a number of changes prior to large-scale production.

Clinical Research Discussion Groups and Websites

General A Group of Clinical Research Professionals. Networking all clinical research professionals, those aspiring to be research professionals, as well as those who might be interested in shifting from current professions. A portal on Clinical Trial News is an interactive listing of clinical research professionals. A veritable "who's who" of the drug development industry, helps keep track of investigators, research coordinators, clinical research associates, project managers and other research professionals in over 89 countries - while maximizing their career opportunities, communication and productivity. provide discussion on existing and emerging technologies for electronic clinical trials. is provided by Quintiles to increase awareness of, understanding of, and participation in clinical research studies. is developed by PPD Inc, comprehensive resource for information on clinical trials. is the new Global Online Clinical Research Community. The site contains a wide range of resources for the Clinical Researcher. is an online tool allowing individuals to search multiple websites at one time for information on clinical trial registries.
CROASIA-Network This network is for drug developers and Asia-based service providers to share info and make connections. is a website dedicated to listing clinical research studies in human subjects.

Asia/Asia Pacific/Middle East

India A discussion forum on Clinical Research, Courses, Career & Jobs Provide latest information on Clinical Research in India informational site for clinical research professionals provide learning clinical research through quizzes and tutorials along with other clinical research discussions A non government not for profit international organization registered as per the law and established by clinical researchers from academia, industry and regulatory bodies. The head quarter of CRB is based at New Delhi with zonal offices across the globe. New World of Indian Clinical Research created to centralize, organize and share information about Clinical Research across the Globe.
International Clinical Research Colloaboration Center (ICRCC) Its mission is collaboration among organizations in Clinical research, development of Clinical research infrastructure and policy, accreditation and education of Clinical research professionals, advocacy of Clinical research for the benefits of the public.

Turkey provide clinic research information in Turkey
North America

USA The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) dedicated to educating and informing the public, patients, medical/research communities, the media and the policy makers about clinical research and the role each party plays in the process. The Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research facilitates the development of high-quality educational programs encompassing all areas of clinical research that are based in academic credit-granting institutions. A source for trustworthy and timely clinical trials information, listings, and notifications. includes discussions on a variety of topics. Archive is available. Clinical Research Information website by National Institute of Health (NIH), DHHS, USA The Clinical Research Forum ("The Forum") is an organization comprised of 60 of the nation's most prestigious and acclaimed academic health centers and professional organizations whose goal is to sustain and expand a cadre of talented, well-trained clinical investigators at all stages of career development, and support nurturing environments and comprehensive research capacities within academic institutions. to provide a searchable Inventory and database of clinical research networks. Clinical Trial Information portal developed by Technology Networks. covers research administration topics more broadly than clinical research. Archive is available. It is open to everyone at no charge. To subscribe, click on this link, click on LISTSERV Lists, and click on Instructions. covers clinical research regulatory topics. Archive is available. It is open to everyone, including IRBs, sites and sponsors, at no charge. is to provide comprehensive resources for potential Volunteers, Investigator sites, Sponsors/CROs and to provide the industry standard for clinical trial enrollment services.

Canada CRAC is a non-profit association whose mission is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relevant to all aspects of clinical research in Canada

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Which one of the following do you think is the most common reason for participating in clinical trials?
This opinion poll provides an informal way for the clinical research community to express its views on current topics. The results are not a scientific poll and do not necessarily reflect the percentages of all clinical researchers who agree with these positions.
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