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Q: Do clinical trials ever go wrong?

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Prototype devices

It is recognized that a manufacturer may wish to submit a small number  of "prototype models" of a device to clinical investigation in order to assess safety and/or performance; and those such prototypes may need to undergo a number of changes prior to large-scale production.

21 CFR PART 820


o Presentation: Quality System Regulation 21 CFR 820 - Basic Introduction


European Medical Device Regulations


o European Medical Device Regulations

o Regulation of Medical Devices in the United States and European Union

o Guidance MEDDEVs


510 K Submissions


o 510(k) Submission Process

o The US FDA 510(k) Submission Process

o 510(k) Submission Methods

o 510(k) Clearances

o Premarket Notification (510k)


PMA Submissions


o PMA Approvals

o Submission Services

o Pharmaceutical Industry: Post Marketing Authorisation Approval

o Post-Marketing Authorisation: Regulatory and Procedural Guidance















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