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Q: Do clinical trials ever go wrong?

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Prototype devices

It is recognized that a manufacturer may wish to submit a small number  of "prototype models" of a device to clinical investigation in order to assess safety and/or performance; and those such prototypes may need to undergo a number of changes prior to large-scale production.

Clinical Trial Registries



International UK Clinical Trials Database
Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry
Active ProtocolsRadiation Therapy Oncology Group
Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials DatabaseNational Institute on Aging
Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials RegistryAustralia National Health and Medical Research Council
Canadian HIV Trials DatabaseCanadian HIV Trials Network
Cardiosource Clinical TrialsAmerican College of Cardiology
Chinese Clinical Trial Register (ChiCTR)Chinese Clinical Trial Register (ChiCTR)
Clinical StudiesNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Clinical Studies DatabaseNational Eye Institute
Clinical Trials Registry-IndiaNational Institute of Medical Statistics, ICMR
Clinical TrialsAIDS Clinical Trials Group
Clinical TrialsAIDSinfo
Clinical TrialsAmerican Liver Foundation
Clinical TrialsAnxiety Disorders Association of America
Clinical TrialsChildren's Tumor Foundation
Clinical TrialseCancerTrials
Clinical TrialsNational Institute on Aging
Clinical TrialsSouthwest Oncology Group
Clinical TrialsU.S. National Institute of Mental Health
Clinical Trials & StudiesMuscular Dystrophy Association
ClinicalTrials.govU.S. National Institutes of Health
Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain TumorsMusella Foundation
Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials InformationJapan Pharmaceutical Information Center
Clinical Trials ListingsDepression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Clinical Trials Listing ServiceCenterWatch
Clinical Trials RegistryUniversity hospital Medical Information System (UMIN)
Clinical Trials Resource CenterAsthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Clinical Trials Search.orgClinical Trials
Current Controlled TrialsCurrent Controlled Trials Ltd
DEC-net Thru nervous systemEuropean Union Drug Evaluation in Children
Drug Development UpdateALS Association
Find a Clinical TrialCancer Research UK
Find Clinical TrialsCrohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
Finding Clinical TrialsU.S. National Cancer Institute
Gene Therapy Clinical Trials WorldwideThe Journal of Gene Medicine
German Somatic Gene Transfer Clinical Trial Database (DeReG)German Somatic Gene Transfer Clinical Trial Database (DeReG)
Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup Clinical TrialsU.S. National Cancer Institute
IAVI Database of AIDS Vaccines in Human TrialsInternational AIDS Vaccine Initiative
IFPMA Clinical Trials PortalInternational Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations
International Clinical TrialsMyelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation
International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (beta in May 2006)World Health Organization
Latin American Clinical Trials Register (LatinRec)Latin American Clinical Trials Register (LatinRec)
metaRegister of Controlled TrialsCurrent Controlled Trials Ltd
National Research RegistryUK Department of Health
Nederlands Trial RegisterNederlands Trial Register
NIH Genetic Modification Clinical Research Information SystemU.S. National Institutes of Health
Ongoing Clinical TrialsCystic Fibrosis Foundation
PDtrialsParkinson's Disease Foundation
PENTA TrialsPaedeatric European Network for the Treatment of AIDS
Physician Data QueryU.S. National Cancer Institute
Protocols by Tumor SiteEuropean Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer
PsiTriFinland National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health
Research StudiesMental Health Research Association
Search the StudiesU.S. National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
South African Clinical Trials RegisterRepublic of South Africa Department of Health
South African National Clinical Trial Register (SANCTR)South African National Clinical Trial Register (SANCTR)
Stroke Trials DirectoryWashington University in St. Louis
StudiesChildren with Diabetes
TrialCheckCoalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups
TrialsBiomedical Research Alliance of New York
TrialsNational Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group
TrialSearchAIDS Community Research Initiative of America
Trials Recruiting PatientsNational Multiple Sclerosis Society
UK Clinical Research Network Portfolio DatabaseUK Clinical Research Network
Veritas MedicineVeritas Medicine

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